Yin Chin TAN, ASM Global Finance Shared Services Centre, Singapore

“I am happy to recommend EBS Workbench because it is working efficiently and has helped us to complete bank reconciliation at real time. Manual reconciliation work is now eliminated and our employees do not have to stay overtime for this purpose.

This is especially important for a company like us with many international bank accounts. All bank records are now feeding to SAP where our team will clear it daily. Once all records are cleared, bank reconciliation is considered as completed. The application basically changed the way we worked – now AR and AP team playing major role to record entries in SAP accurately and avoid any unreconciled items end of the month. GL team is no longer having to go through pages of bank statement to reconcile missing items.

The implementation of EBS Workbench was great. We had fantastic support from Hans during initial implementation. Today there is hardly any additional support required, but if needed support is very good.

The system is easy to learn for our users as it is integrated to SAP and the roll-outs can be done very quickly by ourselves.”