• Monique van Straten – Zijlstra, Supervisor Cash Management Team Shared Service Center, Vion Food Nederland BV, The Netherlands

    "VION N.V. was looking for a tool to achieve a higher degree of automation for bank statement processing and cash application in SAP.

    The shared service center in NL manages payment transactions for 40 entities in SAP covering a total of about 70 bank accounts at various national and international banks.

    Due to industry / business requirements, our accounting processes are quite complex and different amongst our entities. As an example our reference numbers are originating from various external IT Systems and we have to manage collections on behalf of our subsidiaries which requires cross company code clearings in SAP – just to name a few.

    Before engaging with EBS Workbench, we were not satisfied with our automatic matching rate and we were quite dependent on IT resources. Our expectation was to increase automation substantially and becoming independent from IT.

    We started implementing EBS at 19 entities. As a first result our existing automation rate was instantly doubled.

    The rollout to the remaining entities has been performed by the responsible power-user in the Shared Service Center.

    During the implementation of EBS and the related training to our people, we immediately experienced the benefits of EBS:

    • Immediate recognition of business partners
    • Standard bookings are made directly and automatically
    • Standardization across all companies / one way of working
    • Efficiency and time saving

    We look back on a pleasant and professional collaboration with BPI."

    Monique van Straten – Zijlstra, Supervisor Cash Management Team Shared Service Center, Vion Food Nederland BV, The Netherlands

  • Jean-Pascal Kountar - Team Lead EMEA Cash&Banking FSSC/ EMEA - Kao Business Services B.V., The Netherlands

    "While building up a shared service center in the Netherlands, KAO' s Finance members are on the constant lookout for improvement and the leanest processes possible. For our Cash allocation, we have definitely made the right choice with EBS Workbench from BPI and it is a great success.

    EBS Workbench helped us tremendously to automate the cash allocation of our 18 different entities, for which we also have several banks and currencies.

    It is not only the tool, for which we got training, guidance & support, but it is also the people from BPI who were amazing.

    We had 2 key BPI people that constantly advised us on Finance as well as IT decisions and shared global best practices. We all always find exceptions, and even there BPI was able to provide solutions.

    We saved time from tiring manual daily inputs, that we now use on other projects."

    Jean-Pascal Kountar - Team Lead EMEA Cash&Banking FSSC/ EMEA - Kao Business Services B.V., The Netherlands

  • Process Expert Finance - Technical Service Provider, Netherlands*

    "Up to now our company had automated the posting of the electronic bank statements to a certain degree by using customizing and programming in SAP.

    In 2019 the business identified requirements for additional automation:

    Due to the Dutch “Wet Keten Aansprakelijkheid” we receive a lot of split customer payments, partially on our normal account and partially on the blocked “g-account”. This has always been a pain point when we tried to automate this ourselves, also caused by the various ways in how our customers split invoices, and sometimes pay the amounts in collective payments. Although this methodology was new for BPI they managed to successfully find ways to implement it in standard EBS Workbench.

    After a short period of analyzing and setting up templates, we went live for several company codes in NL.

    Now we have reached a level of >90% automation, and we are still working on improvements to even achieve a higher level.

    Besides this, the handling of payment advices is far more efficient and the use of lookup-tables avoids other postings in the accounting department (first time right).

    EBS Workbench is a tool which is easy to use, gives a lot of valuable reporting about the reconciliation process and is easy to adjust by end users so we don’t have to bother IT with change requests any more.

    We are very happy with the tool and the very pleasant cooperation and professional advice during the implementation period."

    Process Expert Finance - Technical Service Provider, Netherlands*

    *)Due to company policy of the customer, name and company cannot be published on this page, but we will be happy to arrange a bilateral contact with the responsible contact person of the customer.

  • Accounts Receivable, Corporate Unit Finance, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co.KG

    "We already had used a SAP-integrated add-on solution for bank statement processing for years. Due to the termination of the provider's maintenance contract and the changeover to a rental model, we had to look at and evaluate this topic completely again. After presentations by several providers in our company, the decision was unanimously made to change over to EBS Workbench from BPI.

    Already during the first presentation we were shown how easy and understandable the system is structured.

    During the installation of the program by our IT department, we already analyzed our bank transactions using the preparation program provided by BPI. In a workshop we received a short training for EBS Workbench and then, based on our analysis, we started to create templates and filters under guidance.

    The successful go-live was carried out online with BPI, so that we immediately started to take a closer look at the bookings.

    Additional company codes are now being implemented successively and independently by the finance department.

    A second SAP system was connected by our internal IT alone and the rollout for the first international company code could also be carried out independently by the finance department.

    We are very pleased to have found a good bank statement processing tool with easy operation and understandable structures! Thank you very much for the great customer service! "

    Accounts Receivable, Corporate Unit Finance, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

    *This customer quote was translated into english based on the original german version

  • Peter Kiss - Global AP & AR Process Owner - INEOS Styrolution Group GmbH

    “When starting our Electronic Receipt Matching endeavor, we had some concerns regarding the automation rate and how successful the project would be at the end.

    Our first positive experience was when BPI analyzed our bank statement data and we saw that almost 100% of all our bank statement line items could be recognized by the Workbench. After this external analysis, we were able to continue enriching the analysis data by ourselves. During this time, we received professional guidance from BPI, which gradually brought us closer to the final implementation. In our key user training, we quickly realized that most of the work was already completed in the preparation phase. The training was, however, crucial to understand system behavior. Even if at first the Workbench looked overwhelming with all its functionalities, we got used to it within just a few days. We can now maintain our rules ourselves in a confident manner.

    This project was very successful in the EMEA region. We reached 75-90% of automation already on the first day.

    The whole project team has done a great job despite all current restrictions for face-to-face meetings. The analysis, preparation, implementation, training and go-live was done exclusively by remote work from all participants.”

    Peter Kiss - Global AP & AR Process Owner - INEOS Styrolution Group GmbH

  • Thanasis Papadopoulos, Assistant Treasurer - Group Liquidity Monitoring & Funds Allocation at National Bank of Greece

    “National Bank of Greece implemented SAP Cash Management and BPI EBS Workbench for Bank Statement Automation to improve global Cash Visibility and controls for NBG’s Nostro bank accounts managed in SAP. The project delivered an integrated solution on time and budget which allows NBG to leverage the rich data content received on bank statements and interfaces to perform various controls and reporting analysis in one System.

    We see EBS Workbench as one enabler for us to improve our Cash Visibility for all bank accounts managed in SAP. Bank statement data is provided via our SWIFT interface and loading is automated in SAP for NBG’s Nostro bank accounts held at partner banks in all time-zones.

    EBS Workbench performs automatic matching with planned cash flows based on sophisticated and flexible clearing rules. The user-friendly EBS Workbench allows that unmatched items can easily be processed by our Cash Management Team.

    Manual matches performed by our team creates reporting data that allows us to continuously improve the interfaces that deliver the planned cash flows. This loop will in return reduce manual work for our Team allowing even more time for data analysis and planning.

    It was a pleasure to work with our consulting partners Aspire, our internal IT and BPI and we are very satisfied with the solution provided.”

    Thanasis Papadopoulos, Assistant Treasurer - Group Liquidity Monitoring & Funds Allocation at National Bank of Greece

  • Drs. Clementine Lichtenberg, Head of Finance Service Center at Tilburg University, The Netherlands

    “EBS Workbench has brought us exactly what we were looking for, namely a tool that supports Tilburg University to achieve a higher degree of automation for financial accounting in SAP.

    Our interest in EBS Workbench was triggered after we had seen it working at another company. When after an extensive tendering process BPI’s solution came out as the best, the choice was quickly made. Thanks to a very pleasant cooperation, we were able to implement EBS Workbench within one month and since then 85% of our bank transactions are processed automatically.

    The use of EBS Workbench has also enabled us to take a critical look at our internal administrative processes in order to determine how they can be improved. In addition, the embedded KPI reports within EBS Workbench gives us the insights to continuously automate accounting entries. Because EBS Workbench is very user-friendly we can change or add posting templates ourselves without needing the support of the BPI team. This of course saves both time and money.

    We are very happy with the guided implementation approach, training and support of BPI.

    Drs. Clementine Lichtenberg, Head of Finance Service Center at Tilburg University, The Netherlands”

  • Rob van den Wijngaard, Director FSSC at Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands

    "Continuous Improvement (CI): think big, start small and upscale fast!

    As part of our Continuous Improvement journey at Universiteit Leiden, we were looking for a solution to accelerate our Cash Application in SAP. We have chosen for EBS Workbench because my team was very enthusiastic after seeing the tailor made demo that was prepared by BPI. After a successful proof of concept covering 2 bank accounts in the first week, we then rolled out the solution in 3 waves. Within 1 month we analyzed the transactions, tested them and went live in EBS Workbench with 39 bank accounts achieving an automation rate of > 95%!

    This is the next step we have taken in our Continuous Improvement journey, where we made bank processing a lot more efficient. Using EBS Workbench we converted the repetitive, uninspiring and error-prone manual work into high quality robotic automation.”

    “We gained an easy to manage tool, that can be adjusted by the end-users instead of IT-maintenance. After learning how easy it was to make rules and adjust them in EBS Workbench, our processing time is brought to an absolute minimum. The tool gives us much more time to improve our work and the users within the FSSC are very enthusiastic about the many possibilities and the user-friendliness of the tool.”

    Rob van den Wijngaard, Director FSSC at Universiteit Leiden

    Arjan van Rijn, Teamlead Liquidity Management FSSC at Universiteit Leiden

  • Stefanos Papadimitriou, Director of Accounting and Finance at HELLENIC PETROLEUM, Greece

    “The Management and the Users of Hellenic Petroleum are very pleased with the results that EBS Workbench delivers for us.

    Hellenic Petroleum started the implementation of EBS Workbench for the specific reason of automating internal controls and increasing compliance with the focus on the bank statement process.

    The implementation was very well organized and BPI as well as the Greece consulting partner Aspire were supporting the internal project team of Hellenic Petroleum not only to set-up EBS Workbench, but also to fine-tune already well established internal finance processes which impact bank statement accounting. This way we instantly achieved an automation rate of more than 97% for processing and auditing the electronic bank statement in SAP. As a result all compliance relevant processes are well documented in the system and the business users finish their work in a fraction of the time now.

    Our plan is to quickly roll out the solution to other group companies. We consider the project as a great success and can recommend EBS Workbench as well as BPI and Aspire for consulting.”

    Stefanos Papadimitriou, Director of Accounting and Finance at HELLENIC PETROLEUM

    Vamvouka Stavrianthi, Accounting Manager at HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group of Companies

  • Yin Chin TAN, ASM Global Finance Shared Services Centre, Singapore

    “I am happy to recommend EBS Workbench because it is working efficiently and has helped us to complete bank reconciliation at real time. Manual reconciliation work is now eliminated and our employees do not have to stay overtime for this purpose.

    This is especially important for a company like us with many international bank accounts. All bank records are now feeding to SAP where our team will clear it daily. Once all records are cleared, bank reconciliation is considered as completed. The application basically changed the way we worked – now AR and AP team playing major role to record entries in SAP accurately and avoid any unreconciled items end of the month. GL team is no longer having to go through pages of bank statement to reconcile missing items.

    The implementation of EBS Workbench was great. We had fantastic support from Hans during initial implementation. Today there is hardly any additional support required, but if needed support is very good.

    The system is easy to learn for our users as it is integrated to SAP and the roll-outs can be done very quickly by ourselves.”

  • Katharina Riebler, Financial Accounting, PERI GmbH

    “PERI was looking for a way to automate bank statement processing and after careful consideration the decision was made in favor of EBS Workbench. We are especially happy about the following highlights:

    • Quick implementation of EBS Workbench
    • Regular and close contact to BPI consultants for support and problem-solving in the after-go-live-support
    • Easy handling and an intuitive user interface which did not require a lot of training
    • High amount of time we save now
    • Very fast support – Solution proposals are made swiftly
    • We can adapt the settings without IT support or BPI consultants
    • Vast know-how of BPI consultants –exceeding topics related to EBS Workbench

    We can definitely recommend the service since we are fully satisfied with the solution and the corresponding support.”

  • Rita Sesztak, Cash & Banking Epson Europe

    "By using predefined templates in EBS Workbench, bank postings have become child’s play …."

  • Michael van der Steen, Global Process Owner O2C, AkzoNobel NV

    ‘’Since the introduction of EBS Workbench within AkzoNobel, we have seen a significant reduction in the time spent in the cash application process. The time gained in the cash application process is now used for other activities. In order to achieve more process efficiency, we use EBS Workbench to analyse the ‘’automatic cash application ratio’’. This is a dynamic report that provides us with a high level overview of the automation results, from various angles. With this report, we can easily identify the areas with a relative low percentage of automation. The detailed report points towards the automation opportunities. The posting templates within EBS Workbench are easily adaptable by the authorised users. By creating a new posting rule in the template manual postings are automated, leading to more process efficiency.

    We are pleased with EBS Workbench and have made it our standard tool for cash application within AkzoNobel. We will continue to roll it out in our organization.’’

  • Konstantinos Tsanakas, Treasury Department, PLAISIO

    "We would like to inform you that we are very satisfied by the use of EBS Workbench and we would definitely recommend it to other clients. Firstly, the automation of journal entries allows us to save huge time and in less than an hour, our system is updated with all transactions of bank accounts. Secondly EBS Workbench gave us great assistance on bank reconciliation with our system, with great improvement in precision, better and much easier monitoring, and avoiding wrong journal entries. Furthermore, it help us a lot with our system integration, clearing accounts was added between the final accounts of charge for better understanding and monitoring of the entire procedure of client’s wire transfers or credit cards. At last the system runs very easily and doesn’t require great training in order to use it properly. "

  • Antje Haddick, IT Business Analyst, Financial Management Services, SCA GmbH – SCA IT Services

    "After setting the goal to improve the automation of the electronic bank statement we, as a globally operating company, decided in favor of the solution EBS Workbench by BPI GmbH. The crucial factors were the innovative concept, the user interface as a one-screen-transaction and the convincing functionality of EBS Workbench. The initial implementation was done together with BPI. A highly professional know-how transfer including user handbook and configuration guide allowed us to do all subsequent rollouts ourselves. BPI’s active support with quick response times was immensely helpful. One of our last rollouts spanned 7 countries and we immediately achieved a match rate of more than 85% for incoming payments. In day-to-day business BPI is very responsive to our suggestions and very often implements them in form of upgrades from which other customers can benefit as well. The Business Support Helpdesk helps to monitor current enquiries. We recommend the solution EBS Workbench as well as the always highly professional, quickly responsive and pleasant cooperation with BPI GmbH. "

  • Franck Labourdette, Responsable des Comptabilités Auxiliaires, ALTEN

    “ALTEN wanted to implement an automation tool for bank transactions for its 12 companies within its Shared Services. The choice was quickly made for EBS Workbench because it is a tool that can be implemented quickly and it allowed us to automate a very large part of our bank postings in a multi-bank and multi-currency context. This project is a distinct success, and above all it has freed up our team’s time and they can now dedicate themselves to more high-value-added tasks.”

  • K. Anders, Finance and Treasury, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG

    "The application convinced me right from the start. Maintaining the rules, day-to-day operations – everything is designed logically and user-friendly. There is no need to maintain complicated or cryptic tables. All data is entered into input masks characteristic of SAP.

    • It is easy to tell that the solution was developed by professionals for professionals.
    • Very quick installation.
    • Highly professional and prompt consultancy.
    • I never feel left alone and there is always a solution.
    • The rollout can easily be done by ourselves – even if an unexpected situation occurs there is quick help.
    • I would purchase the solution again anytime and I am pleased to recommend it."