Accounts Receivable, Corporate Unit Finance, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co.KG

"We already had used a SAP-integrated add-on solution for bank statement processing for years. Due to the termination of the provider's maintenance contract and the changeover to a rental model, we had to look at and evaluate this topic completely again. After presentations by several providers in our company, the decision was unanimously made to change over to EBS Workbench from BPI.

Already during the first presentation we were shown how easy and understandable the system is structured.

During the installation of the program by our IT department, we already analyzed our bank transactions using the preparation program provided by BPI. In a workshop we received a short training for EBS Workbench and then, based on our analysis, we started to create templates and filters under guidance.

The successful go-live was carried out online with BPI, so that we immediately started to take a closer look at the bookings.

Additional company codes are now being implemented successively and independently by the finance department.

A second SAP system was connected by our internal IT alone and the rollout for the first international company code could also be carried out independently by the finance department.

We are very pleased to have found a good bank statement processing tool with easy operation and understandable structures! Thank you very much for the great customer service! "

Accounts Receivable, Corporate Unit Finance, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

*This customer quote was translated into english based on the original german version