Michael van der Steen, Global Process Owner O2C, AkzoNobel NV

‘’Since the introduction of EBS Workbench within AkzoNobel, we have seen a significant reduction in the time spent in the cash application process. The time gained in the cash application process is now used for other activities. In order to achieve more process efficiency, we use EBS Workbench to analyse the ‘’automatic cash application ratio’’. This is a dynamic report that provides us with a high level overview of the automation results, from various angles. With this report, we can easily identify the areas with a relative low percentage of automation. The detailed report points towards the automation opportunities. The posting templates within EBS Workbench are easily adaptable by the authorised users. By creating a new posting rule in the template manual postings are automated, leading to more process efficiency.

We are pleased with EBS Workbench and have made it our standard tool for cash application within AkzoNobel. We will continue to roll it out in our organization.’’