Process Expert Finance - Technical Service Provider, Netherlands*

"Up to now our company had automated the posting of the electronic bank statements to a certain degree by using customizing and programming in SAP.

In 2019 the business identified requirements for additional automation:

Due to the Dutch “Wet Keten Aansprakelijkheid” we receive a lot of split customer payments, partially on our normal account and partially on the blocked “g-account”. This has always been a pain point when we tried to automate this ourselves, also caused by the various ways in how our customers split invoices, and sometimes pay the amounts in collective payments. Although this methodology was new for BPI they managed to successfully find ways to implement it in standard EBS Workbench.

After a short period of analyzing and setting up templates, we went live for several company codes in NL.

Now we have reached a level of >90% automation, and we are still working on improvements to even achieve a higher level.

Besides this, the handling of payment advices is far more efficient and the use of lookup-tables avoids other postings in the accounting department (first time right).

EBS Workbench is a tool which is easy to use, gives a lot of valuable reporting about the reconciliation process and is easy to adjust by end users so we don’t have to bother IT with change requests any more.

We are very happy with the tool and the very pleasant cooperation and professional advice during the implementation period."

Process Expert Finance - Technical Service Provider, Netherlands*

*)Due to company policy of the customer, name and company cannot be published on this page, but we will be happy to arrange a bilateral contact with the responsible contact person of the customer.