eBanking Gateway

Our Add-On for secure transmission of payment data to all banks globally

eBanking Gateway

Highest security, compliance and process efficiency for transmission of payment data


    eBanking Gateway transfers payment data from SAP® ERP secure, automated and without file-interface to all banks globally using the banking middleware MultiCash®.

    There further processing steps can take place such as:

  • Conversion of payment data
  • Sanctions screening
  • Bank relationship management
  • Payment release
  • Digital signatures
  • Charges analysis

The technical communication to banks can be established using various channels such as EBICS, SWIFT, MCFT or by using bilaterally agreed host-to-host channels


  • Fully integrated into the SAP® ERP payment process
  • Additional authorizations and controls
  • Pre-agreed technical and functional integration solution
  • Quick implementation

eBanking Gateway excels for the very fast implementation as well as for the very intuitive user handling.

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